20 Jul 2012

MP continues push to separate schools and liquor stores

8:19 am on 20 July 2012

The MP for Manurewa is planning to take her push for a 1km buffer zone between suburban liquor stores and schools nationwide.

Labour's Louisa Wall is proposing the new law in a supplementary order paper to the Alcohol Reform Bill.

Ms Wall, of Tuwharetoa and Waikato, has the backing of the five principals in the Clendon-Weymouth area of South Auckland.

She says they have agreed to help her gain support from schools throughout the country.

Ms Wall says children who live within 1km of their school tend to walk, and seeing what she calls a proliferation of liquor stores en route normalises the consumption of alcohol.

She says a principal in her electorate has been told by children at his school that one of the things that upsets them most is the change in their parents after they've been drinking.

She is seeking letters of endorsement of her proposal from schools.

Ms Wall is proposing that existing liquor licences for stores within 1km of schools are not renewed when they expire.

She says the buffer zone would not apply to shops in central business districts, and in rural areas where the only store is often close to the school.