9 Jul 2012

Anglican church resources again up for discussion

6:35 am on 9 July 2012

A request by the Maori Anglican Bishop in Christchurch late last year, for the Anglican church in Aotearoa to more equitably share its resources, is back up for discussion this week.

Bishop John Gray from Christchurch successfully moved a motion at a hui in Rotorua, which expressed unhappiness by the Maori arm of the church, at a lack of progress by their Pakeha partner, to sort out the issue of sharing resources which went back 20 years.

The general synod of the church which begins deliberations in Fiji on Monday, will consider two motions which call for Maori to have more control over church assets.

Professor Whatarangi Winiata will ask the synod to take action to ensure that 50% of the net assets of the St John College Trust Board in Auckland, which he estimates are worth more than $300 million, be put under the control of Te Pihopatanga o Aotearoa.

He also wants a grant of $800,000 for deferred maintenance on Hukarere and Te Aute Colleges in Hawke's Bay.