28 Jun 2012

Statistics cast new light on Maori - minister

8:33 am on 28 June 2012

Statistics New Zealand has pulled together data on Maori well-being and development in an effort to help the Government make more informed decisions.

And it's launched a publication, Te Ao Marama, which is the first of its kind to show a comprehensive overview of Maori-related economic, social, cultural and enviromental statistics.

Statisticians hope the publication will also point more people to its website - which has also been updated.

Statistics Minister Maurice Williamson says he'll be challenging all his ministerial colleagues to have a copy of the publication on their desks.

In many cases, people's opinions are not borne out by facts and Mr Williamson says he hopes this resource will help clear up misconceptions.

Statistics will provide a strong underpinning for decisions made organisations and government departments.