14 Jun 2012

'Shy' Maori call local Ngati Kuri cop in Queensland

7:16 pm on 14 June 2012

An Australian police officer from Ngati Kuri says Maori are phoning her directly for help because they're too shy to call the police station.

Senior Constable Brenda Cookson is part of Tutahi Tonu - a Maori liaison committee working in partnership with the Queensland Police Service to develop and foster positive relationships.

The committee was formed in 2008 and is run by the Maori community in the Logan District near Brisbane.

Ms Cookson says Maori families feel comfortable contacting her for help and to organise community projects.

She says she receives lots of calls from Maori people who are too afraid to call the police directly, so they'll call her in the middle of a domestic dispute or traffic incidents to get her advice.

Ms Cookson says although the committee was formed four years ago it's busier than ever with people wanting to be involved with the police in various projects.