13 Jun 2012

Taiwhenua wants stronger alliance with regional council

9:17 pm on 13 June 2012

Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga in Hawke's Bay, which is an arm of Ngati Kahungunu iwi, says it wants to have a closer relationship with the regional council.

Spokesperson Marei Apatu on Wednesday told regional councillors considering submissions on a draft 10-year plan that Te Taiwhenua already has a strategic alliance with the council.

But he says major changes the council is considering, especially to do with water storage and storm water, provide an opportunity for the alliance to be strengthened.

Mr Apatu says in areas such as health, social well being, water and energy, civil defence planning and disaster management, the council can use Te Taiwhenua to communicate information to hapu.

He says the alliance has already resulted in a number of positive outcomes and strengthening it will provide more benefits for both Maori and the council.