13 Jun 2012

New funding for studies on reducing Maori smoking rates

9:49 am on 13 June 2012

Two studies to find ways of reducing smoking among Maori have received about $750,000 in funding.

Whakauae Research Services in Whanganui has been awarded about $600,000 to devise a system for Maori nurses to encourage Maori to quit smoking.

The service says 50% of Maori women are smokers as are 30% of Maori nurses.

In the other study, the University of Auckland has been granted about $150,000 to investigate the feasibility of an exercise programme to reduce smoking among pregnant Maori.

The type and intensity of the exercise will also be determined as well as how to recruit participants.

The university says the research will have a direct impact on the health of Maori women and their children.