12 Jun 2012

Award-winning young farmer aims to inspire

9:27 am on 12 June 2012

A 22-year-old self-employed dairy farmer hopes his success through winning a new Maori farming award will inspire other young, troubled Maori to follow their dreams.

Tangaroa Walker, who has strong cultural links in Tauranga district (Ngati Ranginui/ Ngati Pukenga/ Pirirakau), won the Ahuwhenua Young Maori Trainee/Cadet award recently.

The award was created to encourage young Maori workers between 16 and 25 to move into leadership roles.

Mr Walker of Toa Farms in Kennington in Southland says he is pleased with the win and even received a couple of job offers, which he declined.

But he hopes his win will serve as an example for other troubled rangatahi (young) Maori.

Mr Walker says he was adopted by an uncle, and thanks to his uncle he has managed to do well.

He hopes he can do the same for other rangatahi to get into the farming industry or any other area they would like to pursue.