6 Jun 2012

MPs hear Auckland submissions on child well-being

6:37 am on 6 June 2012

Maori Affairs Select Committee members are hearing submissions in Auckland as part of their inquiry into the well-being of Maori children.

More than 150 submissions have been received by the committee on how public investment across the health, justice, education and social services sectors can benefit Maori children.

Maori child advocacy organisation, Ririki, plans to launch a $3 million anti-violence campaign with its submission to the MPs on the committie.

Ririki executive director Anton Blank says the campaign will teach Maori families parenting techniques that reflect Maori traditions and change the violent attitude towards children.

Mr Blank says more than half of the 230,000 New Zealand children living in poverty are Maori and Pasifika.

After hearing submissions at Hoani Waititi marae in west Auckland, the Select Committee will move to Christchurch.