30 May 2012

Maori graduation inspires Australian lecturer

6:33 am on 30 May 2012

An Australian university lecturer at Waikato University says he was so moved by a recent marae graduation that he wants to see aspects of the Aboriginal culture included in graduations at Australian universities.

Jared Thomas, who belongs to the Nukunu people of South Australia, says the informality and atmosphere at the graduation of Maori students, was something he had never experienced before.

He says it was beautiful and moving to see families celebrating the success of their sons and daughters, and it is a good way to encourage young Maori to take an interest in university studies.

Dr Thomas says indigenous Australians don't get any opportunity to make their own mark at graduation ceremonies, and that's something he'd like to see change.

He says it's an inspiration to see how the Maori culture is embraced when university students graduate.