11 May 2012

Mother removing HIV boy, pre-school says

10:53 pm on 11 May 2012

Though a Whangarei pre-school says the little boy at the centre of a storm over his HIV infection was never expelled and is welcome back, his mother says she's removing him from the centre.

The four-year old, who's HIV-positive, had been at the Mokopuna centre for four months before his mother told staff about it last week.

The pre-school says she failed to declare the child's medical condition when she enrolled him.

The chief executive of He Puna Marama Trust which runs Mokopuna, Raewyn Tipene, says the mother agreed last Friday to keep the child home while she worked with staff on a care plan for the boy.

But she says the subsequent media frenzy over reports that he'd been expelled because of his HIV status, have derailed that process.

Raewyn Tipene says Mokopuna has care plans for children with all sorts of conditions, to keep them and others safe.

She says staff know nothing about HIV, but they have a duty of care to the boy and the other children to seek advice, assess any risk, and put a care plan in place to protect them all.

Mrs Tipene says that following the publicity the mother has now indicated she'll take her child elsewhere.