13 Apr 2012

Glitter artist offers bicultural views on canvas

8:13 pm on 13 April 2012

Award-winning Maori artist, Reuben Paterson, hopes his current exhibition in Dunedin which includes signature glitter canvases, will shock audiences and alter their perspective and perception of artwork which uses traditional and non conventional materials.

Milford Galleries has been transformed into a sea of colour, with two huge drops of printed PVC panels and ten paintings, some of which feature kowhaiwhai patterns.

Auckland-based, Mr Paterson says his bicultural heritage is reflected in the artwork, and he hopes people will be awe struck by the way he blends Maori motifs with modern materials.

He says by using glitter which is normally a craft material, he's pushing the boundaries, so people don't remain stuck in their expectations of art and how they look at certain materials.

Mr Paterson says his House of Rainbow exhibition is open to interpretation, which is the value and importance of art is all about.

Reuben Paterson has been exhibiting since 1995 and has had many public exhibitions in both New Zealand and Australia.