5 Mar 2012

Whanau Ora has shifted Govt perceptions - iwi board

6:35 am on 5 March 2012

The Midland Iwi Relationship Board says there's been a huge shift in the way Government approaches health and social services for families, thanks to Whanau Ora.

Government agencies work collaboratively to provide Whanau Ora to improve an entire family - not just the life of an individual member.

The iwi board recently signed an agreement along with five District Health Boards covering the central North Island to make the region smokefree by 2025.

Iwi board chair Punohu McCausland says Whanau Ora will help greatly towards the objective.

She praises the policy saying it looks at the needs of whanau rather than families having to meet a service criteria.

Ms McCausland says that's a huge shift in the government's thinking.