24 Dec 2011

Ex-players sue league in Florida over concussions

12:57 pm on 24 December 2011

Nearly two dozen former National Foootball League players have sued the NFL in Miami, the latest in a string of lawsuits brought by athletes over health problems they blame on concussions they suffered long ago on the field.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Leon Searcy and 20 other players, most of whom live in Florida, are asking for unspecified damages for brain injuries they say have left them facing medical problems years after their careers ended.

The Miami lawsuit follows a similar one filed this week in Atlanta by four former players. Each lawsuit alleges the NFL did not do enough to protect players from concussions.

The lawsuit recounts each player's history of returning to play shortly after suffering a concussion and details neurological problems they experience today.

Searcy, for example, was described as suffering from headaches, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, irritability and mood swings.