9 Apr 2011

Trevor Graham has case thrown out

2:10 pm on 9 April 2011

A $50 million slander lawsuit against the US Anti-Doping Agency, filed by the former coach of disgraced sprinters Marion Jones, Justin Gatlin and Tim Montgomery, has been dismissed.

A Federal judge said his court lacked jurisdiction to hear claims by Trevor Graham, who said USADA had slandered him based on allegations he gave performance enhancing drugs to athletes and affiliated his name with the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative doping scandal.

Although a number of athletes coached or previously coached by Graham have admitted to taking banned substances or have been suspended for their use, he has denied any involvement.

The Jamaican-born Graham, who was banned from coaching for life by USADA in 2008, also said the agency had not given him a hearing on his case.

Graham played a key role in unraveling the BALCO scandal in 2003 when he anonymously sent USADA a syringe containing the designer drug tetrahydrogestrinone.

He was found guilty by a US court in 2008 of lying to federal agents and sentenced to a year of home confinement.