16 Jan 2011

Olympic tickets to go on sale soon

12:16 pm on 16 January 2011

Sports fans will have six weeks to apply for tickets for the London 2012 Olympics, starting from March 15th.

The 8.8 million public tickets, priced from $4,000 for the most expensive seats at the opening ceremony to less than $40 for the cheapest events, will go on sale until April 26th.

About two million people have registered an interest in the 26 Olympic sports and oversubscribed sessions will be allocated via a ballot.

The London Olympic organising committee responsible for staging the Games, say applications will not be selected on a first come, first served basis.

Organisers are keen to avoid empty seats during the 650 sports sessions, and have priced 2.5 million tickets at $40 or less and two thirds at less than $100.