7 Jan 2011

FIFA hands out $50 milion to clubs

10:21 am on 7 January 2011

Football's world governing body FIFA's handing out $50 million to clubs whose players took part in last year's World Cup, though that may not appease European clubs who have labelled the fixed-payment system unrealistic.

Bayern Munich have been the most vociferous critics after their Dutch winger Arjen Robben returned injured from the tournament in South Africa and has yet to play.

Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Chelsea each received over a million dollars based on the number of players each club sent to the World Cup and on the number of days spent at the tournament.

But clubs want an insurance scheme set up with Bayern Munich saying it effectively received $100,000 for Roben but his salary costs is many many times that.

FIFA says a total of 400 clubs from 55 countries received payments.