22 Dec 2010

Australian cricketers playing poorly because they're not allowed to sledge

5:44 pm on 22 December 2010

The Australian cricketers poor form over recent years isn't because of the retirements of leading players such as Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath and Adam Gilchrist but because they're not allowed to sledge.

A least that's the view of the head of the Australian Cricketers' Association who says the side's form has deteriorated because players fear a public and official backlash against the sledging or verbal abuse of opponents.

Chief executive Paul Marsh says Australia's performances have worsened since players were warned to tone down their aggression after a bitter Test against India in Sydney in 2008.

Marsh said the Australian players have started second guessing their natural instincts and opponents have exploited that with the Australians playing more timidly.

So does the same apply to the Black Caps? should they be sledging more in an effort to end their eleven game losing streak in the one day arena.

The head of the NZ Cricket Players Association Heath Mills thinks not saying sledging has never played as big a part in the game here.