21 Dec 2010

Glasgow baggage woes delay Cup game

9:40 am on 21 December 2010

The arctic snap in Europe has delayed a European Cup rugby tie - but not because the pitch is unplayable or the players and spectators can't get to the game.

Glasgow have refused to play at Toulouse until missing shoe inserts, contact lenses and other specialist equipment turns up, after the Scottish side arrived in the French city minus their baggage.

The match is finally due to take place overnight, with Glasgow's bags expected to be flown in hours before the evening kick-off.

Toulouse have slammed both the Scots and organisers European Cup Rugby, after their offer of providing replacement kit was rejected. The hosts are demanding a hundred thousand Euros in compensation for delaying the fixture by three days, which the club's president claims has hit supporters and local businesses hard.

And if the game's again delayed, Toulouse want the win and five points.