15 Dec 2010

F1 drivers face tougher sanctions

6:17 am on 15 December 2010

Formula One drivers will face tougher sanctions next season for dangerous or unsporting driving.

In 2011 stewards will be able to exclude drivers from a race or suspend them for the next grand prix.

The FIA, the sport's governing body, also identified driving practices it wants to eradicate.

They include drivers making more than one change of direction in trying to defend a position or the deliberate crowding of a car.

Drivers must also use the track at all times and not leave it, as some were criticised for doing last season, to gain a driving advantage.

If they do come off, they must return when it is safe to do so without gaining any advantage.

In addition back markers in a race must allow a faster car to pass at the first available opportunity.

Any driver who ignores the waved blue flags that indicate a slower car should move aside will be reported to the stewards.