20 Oct 2010

Rooney labelled the villain while Sir Alex gets sympathy

6:45 pm on 20 October 2010

The Manchester United football star Wayne Rooney has been left looking like the villain of the piece and will be hated by the club's fans, following the revelation that he wants to leave the club, according to British newspapers.

Manager Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed the 24-year-old striker wanted to leave Old Trafford, laying out the details at a news conference and dealing a heavy blow to Rooney's reputation as a player who put loyalty above money.

The Daily Mail's headline simply read "Betrayal."

The Guardian said Ferguson's cast Rooney as a mercenary who has no regard for United's health.

There was plenty of sympathy for Ferguson who said he was unable to explain Rooney's desire to move after six successful years at the club, with the Mirror saying Fergusson spoke like a father who had been betrayed by his favourite son.