19 Oct 2010

Bangladesh whitewash the nadir of NZ cricket

11:32 am on 19 October 2010

The former New Zealand cricket captain John Reid says the 4-0 series loss to Bangladesh is the lowest point in New Zealand cricket history, ranking worse than New Zealand's 26-run total against England 55 years ago.

That 26-run second innings total still stands as the lowest innings total in Test history but Reid says the series whitewash by Bangladesh is a much greater embarrassment.

Reid, who was a member of that New Zealand side, says while they played poorly, they were playing against one of the greatest England teams, including the legendary batsmen Sir Len Hutton and Colin Cowdrey, and the fast bowling pair Frank Tyson and Brian Statham - while Bangladesh are the current minnows of world cricket.

Reid, who also umpired at the top level, says it couldn't be darker days and while Bangladesh aren't really up to international standard, if New Zealand can be whitewashed like that, then neither are the Black Caps.

He says the New Zealand batsmen are seriously lacking in technique, and too many of them get themselves out repeating the same mistakes.