14 Oct 2010

Gold medal for NZ shooters

7:44 am on 14 October 2010

The New Zealand shooters Mike Collings and John Snowden have won a gold medal in the pairs full bore open competition at the Delhi Commonwealth Games.

The pair shot over a thousand yards and recorded a games record to finish a point ahead of Scotland.

The New Zealanders had to wait six hours for confirmation of their gold after Australia and Canada protested their shoots following a target malfunction. The reshoots could have affected the medals.

Collings also finished fourth in the single event, but he didn't have time to celebrate his gold, as he jumped on a plane to compete in a competition in Brisbane.

Snowden, of Ashburton, says he felt more pressure the day before when they were shooting the shorter distances, while he and Collings felt very comfotable over the longer distances.