30 Sep 2010

Villumsen struggled at the start of her bronze medal ride.

8:00 am on 30 September 2010

The New Zealand cyclist, Linda Villumsen, says despite finishing with a bronze medal, she didn't have an ideal start to her time trial at the World Road Cycling Championships in Geelong.

The 25-year-old completed the 22.9 kilometre course in just over 33 minutes, to claim New Zealand's first ever elite medal at the World Road Cycling champs.

But Villumsen says it took a while for her legs to warm-up, and it wasn't until the first climb that she really felt comfortable.

The bronze medal repeats her effort in Italy last year when she was riding for Denmark.

She gained her citizenship last year after living in New Zealand for many years, and this was her first international event wearing the silver fern.

Great Britain's Emma Pooley won the trial, and Germany's Judith Arndt finished second.

New Zealand's Melissa Holt finished 16th.