7 Sep 2010

Indian officials say they've delivered proof Games venues are safe

6:43 pm on 7 September 2010

Indian officials say they've delivered proof that all of the sporting venues are safe to operate for the Commonwealth Games.

Only nine days remain before thousands of athletes start arriving to New Delhi and it's just over four weeks before the Games begin.

The Indian government and its Organising Committee have been under intense pressure after reports emerged of substandard venue construction corrupt behaviour to hide faults.

But the committee says it's delivered completion certificates for all 17 sporting venues and the athletes village to the Commonwealth Games Federation.

In July, India's anti-corruption watchdog threatened to derail preparations for the Games by citing suspected dodgy building practices and making accusations that construction firms had inflated their costs.

The Central Vigilance Commission inspected 15 roadway projects and sporting venues and found substandard concrete and steel works and also found regulatory approvals for the work had been forged.

The Indian government has given a deadline of September 15 for final work on all of the venues to be completed.