22 Apr 2010

NZRU still wants to control costs on player medical bills

6:39 pm on 22 April 2010

The New Zealand Rugby Union will review their player medical costs, but admit they don't have too many other options.

The high injury toll for senior players and All Blacks resulted in a 2.7 million dollar budget blowout in the last year, with money funnelled into medical costs, replacement players and the subsequent rise in insurance premiums.

Injured All Blacks continue to get paid for 12 months after suffering injuries.

The 2.7 million dollars on medical expenses contributed to a 16 million dollar overall loss the Union recorded over the past year.

Chief executive Steve Tew says private insurance is very costly and complicated and they are keen to retain involvement in how injury players are treated.

The Union did also announce today that the new SANZAR television rights deal worth 610 million dollars, an increase of 150 million on the previous deal.