11 Jul 2017

Fowler-Reid leaving Steel

7:03 am on 11 July 2017

After dominating the domestic netball competition in New Zealand, Jamaican shooter Jhaniele Fowler-Reid has decided to take her talents to Australia.

Jhaniele Fowler-Reid

Jhaniele Fowler-Reid Photo: PHOTOSPORT

The giant Jamaican shooter spent five years plying her trade with the Southern Steel, helping them to the innaugural ANZ Premiership title earlier this month.

The 1.98m Jamaican international will join the Australian domestic competition next year, though the team she'll play for hasn't yet been announced.

"It wasn't easy because I had to do heaps of thinking around leaving behind something that I've grown to know for five years and just the culture and everything so the decision to move away from that has been hard," she said.

"It definitely comes down to me needing a new challenge and me broadening my horizons and seeing what else is out there for me.

"It's going to be a new lifestyle and a new environment with different people but I adapt easily so that's a good thing."

The prolific goal scorer has slotted 3678 goals from 4020 attempts with an accuracy rate of 91.4 percent over the past five seasons.

"I've grown so much - not only within my career but also personally," Fowler-Reid said.

"My game has changed tremendously … I have many tricks up my sleeve now to keep defenders thinking. I'm not a one-trick pony anymore."

She was "incredibly grateful" for the opportunity to join the Steel ranks in 2013.

"It has changed me and it has grown me so much and the opportunity to come over to New Zealand is something that I really appreciate. The Steel have had such patience with me and supported me so much in feeling like I'm at home," she said.

"They helped me find the best that I have. Even though I know there's better to come and much more room for improvement, I feel the Steel has paved the way for all that goodness in me."