27 Jan 2010

Visiting US golfer compares Tiger with Kobe

6:05 am on 27 January 2010

The Californian golfer Jason Gore has met reporters at The Hills course in Arrowtown ahead of the New Zealand Open and a lengthy interview included the inevitable question - about Tiger Woods' fall from grace.

Gore, who supports his hometown NBA team, the Los Angeles Lakers, is positive Woods will return to golf, maybe even better and stronger.

He's cited the example of the Lakers' biggest star, Kobe Bryant, who was accused of a sexual assault in a case eventually settled out of court.

Gore says Bryant recently appeared on Sesame Street and Woods will be fine.

Gore's known Woods since he was 12 and believes he has the mental strength to return and be better than before.

He says Woods will be heckled about his much publicised extra-marital affairs but it'll make him concentrate even more and he'll want to prove he's still the world's best player.

Gore says when Woods does return he'll attract the sort of attention that's usually reserved for American football's Super Bowl.