17 Jul 2014

Parker faces visa problems

6:29 am on 17 July 2014

The New Zealand heavyweight boxing champion Joseph Parker's preparations for next month's bout in America have been disrupted by visa issues.

The 22-year-old is at the mercy of American Immigration officials who are stalling on issuing him a working visa ahead of his US television debut alongside fellow New Zealander, Robert "the Butcher" Berridge on NBC Showtime next month.

Until now, Parker has been freely able to enter and exit America as a visitor because he has not been receiving a wage at his Las Vegas training camp.

But the visa hold up has thrown trainer Kevin Barry's meticulous schedule out the window ahead of the August 10 fight in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania against an, as yet, unnamed opponent.

Parker's promoter Dean Lonergan says he is doing everything he possibly can to get Parker back to his Las Vegas training camp as soon as possible.

Both Lonergan and Barry remain confident Parker will definitely fight alongside Berridge on the undercard of Russian world number two, Vyacheslav Glazkov.