9 Jun 2014

Sports Tribunal dismisses shooters' appeals

5:57 pm on 9 June 2014

The Sports Tribunal has dismissed the appeals by two shooters against non-nomination for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Scott Wilson and Paul Wilson lodged separate appeals against decisions of the New Zealand Shooting Federation not to nominate them to compete in the Double Trap and Skeet events respectively.

Both shooters argued that while they didn't meet the criteria, they should still have been nominated on the grounds of "extenuating circumstances" because the national body failed to set minimum qualifying score standards that were fixed throughout the qualifying period.

The standards for Scott's event changed during the qualifying period and he complained he was left in a state of uncertainty and that affected his decision to attend certain international events.

However, the tribunal noted that he did not achieve the standard at a key international event after the qualifying score was set in stone.

In Paul's event, the official MQS wasn't confirmed by the Federation until late in the qualifying period and he argued he was not given a reasonable opportunity to satisfy it.

The federation said the delay was due to changes in format by the International body.

The tribunal expressed concerns about the delay in setting the standards but decided both shooters had the opportunity over the full qualifying period to attend key international events.

The tribunal was not convinced that, in the case of shooting, having a fixed target score was essential to perform to the athlete's optimum capability on the day.