19 Mar 2014

NRL to test for prescription drugs

10:54 am on 19 March 2014

The National Rugby League has reached agreement with the Rugby League Players Association to test players for two classes of prescription drugs.

The NRL's Chief Operating Officer, Jim Doyle, says he advised all club chief executives last month that the testing would take place.

Doyle says an agreement had now been reached with the Players Association to test for Benzodiazepines (which include brand names such as Valium, Serepax, Mogadon and Rohypnol) and sleeping pills such as Zolpidems (which include Stilnox, Zolsan and Stilnoct).

Doyle says the NRL would intervene to assist and counsel anyone recording a positive test for prescription drugs this year.

That would involve a confidential meeting between the player, his club doctor and the NRL's Chief Medical Officer to determine why the player is taking the drug and whether he needs counselling or rehabilitation.