24 Jan 2014

Players union opposes propsed ICC changes

11:16 am on 24 January 2014

The international players' union opposes plans to give India, England and Australia more control of cricket.

The proposals also include the formation a two-tier structure of Test cricket, with those three nations immune from relegation.

Players' union executive chairman Paul Marsh says they're extremely concerned about the future of international cricket.

The plans will be discussed at an International Cricket Council executive board meeting next week.

The proposals, drafted by the ICC's Finance & Commercial Affairs committee and leaked to the media last week, suggest the formation of a four-man executive committee, on which the boards of England, India and Australia would be guaranteed a place. The other position would be selected by the three boards annually.

The Future Tours Programme, which guarantees regular fixtures between all full ICC members over a cycle, would be abandoned in favour of bilateral agreements.