20 Sep 2013

European football federations say it's impossible to stage World Cup in Qatar

5:45 am on 20 September 2013

European football federations have agreed it will be impossible to stage the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in summer as planned and will setup a taskforce to find an alternative.

The FIFA vice president Jim Boyce says everyone agrees it'd be impossible to play in the severe heat of Qatar.

FIFA's expected to agree in principle to the switch at its next executive committee meeting next month.

Last week, the association representing European clubs said they would not be opposed to a re-scheduling of the tournament but added they wanted to be consulted about the new timing.

Qatar has said, despite the searing temperatures, it can stage the World Cup in the summer by building air-conditioned stadiums using newly environmentally-friendly technology. Stadiums would be cooled to around 28 Celsius.

However, there are still worries about how fans will deal with the heat away from the stadiums.

In recent interviews, FIFA president Sepp Blatter has said that his organisation had never specially stated that the World Cup had to be held in summer when it awarded the hosting of the tournament in 2010.