7 Sep 2013

Turkey says successful Olympic bid important for them

5:59 am on 7 September 2013

The International Olympic Committee will make two big decisions in Buenos Aires this weekend - the hosts for the 2020 Summer Olympics and the finalising of the sports to take part in it.

Madrid, Istanbul and Tokyo are bidding for the hosting rights while squash, wrestling and a joint baseball-softball bid are hoping to make the Olympic programme.

Turkish sports minister Suat Kilic says their Olympic bid was as important as the country's attempt to join the European Union.

The head of the bid team Hasam Arat says the games in Istanbul would be an historic event as the region has never hosted an Olympics before.

The city has failed in four previous tries but Arat believes Turkey has grown economically so much since their first bid more than 20 years ago and they are financially set up to host it.