22 Aug 2013

Sharks deny paying Dank

6:39 am on 22 August 2013

The Cronulla Sharks rugby league club have rejected the suggestion that a private bank account may have been used to pay for its controversial 2011 supplements programme.

The NRL's integrity is investigating claims aired on an ABC programme of a high performance unit bank account allegedly operated offf the club's books.

The report's led to speculation about whether a private account could have been used to pay for controversial sports scientist Stephen Dank's services and supplements used during the 2011 period which is the subject of an anti-doping investigation.

Cronulla chief executive Steve Noyce says the Sharks have no record of any payments to Dank.

He's adamant the high performance bank account was not used for that purpose and says it was only opened a year after Dank parted from the club.

The ABC says they also obtained emails in which a former sponsor claims cash payments were made to captain Paul Gallen outside the salary cap.

Former Sharks chief executive Bruno Cullen, the man who was called in to clean up the mess after Cronulla's secret supplements regime exploded in public scandal, has described the club's administration as a disaster waiting to happen.