15 Aug 2013

PGA commissioner denies bid for European Tour

6:12 am on 15 August 2013

American golf's PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem has rebuffed suggestions that it had made a bid to take over the European Tour.

Finchem says those reports are inaccurate, although he does say the integration of professional golf can create value for players, sponsors and fans, which has been happening since the founding in 1994 of the International Federation of PGA Tours in 1994.

Some prominent members of the European Tour have become frustrated at what they see as its failure to make the most of its potential, while the Eurozone's financial turmoil has led to gaps on the calendar and considerably less prize money than on the PGA Tour.

The PGA Tour, golf's biggest stage, has already bought the flagging Canadian Tour and renamed it the PGA Tour of Canada, and it has strong footholds in Latin America and Asia.