12 Mar 2009

Chambers says he considered suicide

7:47 am on 12 March 2009

The British sprinter Dwain Chambers says he considered suicide during a two-year doping ban.

Chambers, who won gold at the European Indoor championships in Turin this week, says he had everything and went from the highest to the very bottom of any human experience.

He says suicide was an idea that literally floated through his mind and it was something he strongly considered at the time.

Chambers was the first high-profile victim of the BALCO scandal when he tested positive in 2003 for the previously undetectable steroid THG, manufactured and distributed by Victor Conte, the founder of the California laboratory.

The 30-year-old, who completed his two-year ban in 2006, and is still working with Conte providing information to sports officials in their fight against doping, says he's now himself clean and will not repeat the mistakes of the past, no matter if many people no longer trusted or believed him.