5 Oct 2012

Americas Cup organisers defend decision to move team bases

12:20 pm on 5 October 2012

San Francisco America's Cup organisers says Team New Zealand is being mischievous in suggesting a decision to scrap a traditional Cup village is scandalous.

The change of plan just six months before teams are due to set up doesn't affect the defender Oracle, or its official challenger Sweden's Artemis - but does hit the New Zealanders and Italy's Luna Rossa.

Event organisers will now focus on the public area leaving the teams to develop their own facilities without previously agreed financial help.

Steven Barclay, the chief executive of the America's Cup Event Authority, says the decision is best for hospitality and Team New Zealand shouldn't have concerns.

Barclay says Luna Rossa hasn't complained and Team NZ is playing the money card. He says there are no cost differences, as core requirements such as cranes, power and water reticulation were already being paid for by the challengers.

Barclay says some of the team's concerns are being sorted and he hopes by the end of the current World Series regatta, most teams will be happy.