7 Aug 2012

New laws to be trialled in domestic rugby

12:03 am on 7 August 2012

Eight new laws will be introduced to the national provincial rugby competition this season.

The new laws are being trialled around the world and will include a five-second time limit on playing the ball once it is available at the back of a ruck and a time limit on when conversion kicks must be completed after a try is scored.

They also affect the positioning of a quick throw-in and expand the short arm penalty options for teams benefitting from a knock-on or throw forward into touch.

Teams awarded a penalty or free kick at a line-out may now choose another line-out without first having to kick for touch.

There's also a new scrum engagement call 'Crouch, Touch, Set'.

The laws, effective from today, will get their first real test when the ITM Cup kicks off on Thursday 23 August, when Hawke's Bay play Auckland in Napier.