18 Jun 2012

France in dilemma for Sweden game

2:52 pm on 18 June 2012

The French football team faces a dilemma ahead of a game they can afford to lose when they take on eliminated Sweden in their final Euro 2012 Group D match on Wednesday.

France may have to decide whether they want to top the group and avoid a potential quarter-final against world champions Spain or would prefer to finish second and stay in the comfort and familiarity of their Donetsk base.

France train at the excellent facilities used by Shakhtar Donetsk and it has been proving beneficial, with one of the team physiotherapists saying their home base is the ideal structure with everything available on site, which helps them gain a lot of time.

If France finish top of the group they would need to travel to Kiev from Donetsk early on the day before the quarter-final, losing precious recuperation time.