14 Jun 2012

Little luck forecast for NZ at London Games

6:21 pm on 14 June 2012

New Zealand will fail to reach its 10-medal target at the London Olympic Games, according to a forecast by international accounting firm PwC.

The New Zealand Olympic Committee has set a target of 10 medals for the Games but the PWC predicts only seven will be won, two less than the nine in Beijing.

The Olympic performance paper basis its predictions on a nation's population, average income, whether the country was part of the former Soviet bloc and whether it's the host nation.

The paper predicts the United States will top the medal tally with 113, three more than in Beijing.

China will be second overall but its medal haul will slump from 100 to 87.

Being the host is expected to play a large part in boosting Britain's medal tally to 54, up from 47 four years ago and would put them fourth on the medal table.

While predicting New Zealand will seven medals it doesn't say just how many might have a golden glow.

The forecast suggests the top 30 countries of the 205 expected to compete in London will win 80 percent of the medals.