24 Nov 2011

Farmers want adverse event status for Grey Valley flood

1:06 pm on 24 November 2011

Federated Farmers is hoping to get the flash flood in the Grey Valley on the West Coast declared an adverse event so tax breaks kick in for farmers.

The flood caused major damage to farms north of Greymouth earlier this week.

Crops were destroyed, dairy sheds flooded and hundreds of metres of fencing were damaged, while helicopters were used to herd cattle and a farmer or two to safety.

If the flood is declared an adverse event by the Minister of Agriculture, rural support trusts in the region will receive funding from MAF to help with the clean up.

Tax breaks may also be given to farmers.

Federated Farmers West Coast president Katie Milne says the last adverse event in the region was in 1997, due to flooding.

She says Monday's flood qualifies for the status because the effects will likely be felt for the rest of this season and possibly into the next.

Federated Farmers says the application will be lodged in the next few days.