12 Oct 2011

Impasse in breeding database negotiations

10:51 am on 12 October 2011

Negotiations between two dairy industry organisations over development of an integrated database for cattle breeding have staggered to a halt.

Dairy NZ and LIC, a livestock improvement co-operative, have been discussing how to put into effect recommendations on a herd improvement database review.

The recommendations, in the Anderson report, include shifting control of 46 fields in a core database from LIC to Dairy NZ.

DairyNZ says the negotiations have broken down because they couldn't agree on terms for making the changes.

LIC chief executive Mark Dewdney says the issue is DairyNZ's wish to extend the database to include, at little or no cost, more than 288 other fields of stock-breeding information held in LIC's commercial database.

He says a pause in the negotiations was sought a week ago, because they were not going anywhere, but LIC does not regard them as having broken down.

Meanwhile, Federated Farmers is asking DairyNZ to keep working on the idea. Dairy vice-chair Robin Barkla says an integrated data network is needed to make the next jump in on-farm productivity.