22 Jul 2011

Better information needed on farm technology

12:53 pm on 22 July 2011

Pastoral Agriculture Professor Jacqueline Rowarth of Massey University thinks farmers are not being well served by some of the new technology they're being urged to adopt, to lift production.

Professor Rowarth, who spoke at an Agricultural & Horticultural outlook summit this week, says New Zealand farmers are doing a good job of taking up new ideas. She says that's clear from statistics which show agriculture is one of the few sectors that continues to grow.

But she says not all farmers are adopting new technology and they aren't aren't accepting everything on offer as it may not work for them.

Professor Rowarth says the way to make the technology transfer process more effective, is to improve the quality of the information provided.

She also says an independent way of assessing new technology is needed, because farmers are being overwhelmed with information and they don't know what to trust.