9 Apr 2011

Farmer fails to have greenhouse gas research funding withdrawn

6:08 am on 9 April 2011

A Gisborne farmer who wants Beef + Lamb New Zealand to stop funding pastoral greenhouse gas research has failed to get the support he needs from fellow sheep and beef farmers.

In a remit to last week's AGM, Neil Henderson called on the farmer levy-funded organisation to withdraw from the Pastoral Green House Gas Research Consortium and stop its annual $250,000 contribution.

The consortium funds research aimed at reducing methane and nitrous oxide emissions from livestock.

Mr Henderson also wanted Beef + Lamb to launch a high profile, large budget campaign to promote the view that livestock emissions do not cause significant global warming.

But farmers who voted on the remits didn't support his proposals.

Meanwhile, Beef + Lamb New Zealand did not get farmer backing to pay its directors more.

Its proposal to increase the total remuneration pool for board members from about $283,000 to $320,000 a year, missed out by one vote.

Currently Beef + Lamb's chairman gets $62,000 per year and other directors $26,000.