1 Apr 2011

New range of NZ wool carpets and rugs in US stores

1:23 pm on 1 April 2011

The latest promotional push for New Zealand wool rugs and carpets takes place in stores across the United States on Friday.

A new range of rugs and carpets made with strong wool supplied by a joint venture between Wool Equities and New Zealand Romney sheep farmers will be unveiled in more than 100 top-end stores.

The rugs and carpets carry the 'Just Shorn' brand, which was developed by the Elders Primary Wool company and launched in the US last year.

About 30 tonnes of New Zealand Romney wool have been used for the first rugs and carpets in the new range.

The joint venture grew out of an earlier initiative to market specially designed rugs hand-made in Nepal from New Zealand wool.

Wool Equities teamed up with Romney New Zealand to take it further.

WEL general manager Keith Cowan says it breaks new ground for wool growers.

Heavy, deep-pile rugs and carpets will be going for a premium price. A 10 x 14 foot rug, for example, will retail for a price approaching $US10,000.