14 Mar 2011

Delays in reporting to some kiwifruit growers on PSA

5:57 am on 14 March 2011

Kiwifruit Vine Health admits there's been a hiccup in ensuring all growers with vines infected by the bacterial disease PSA receive both written and verbal confirmation.

The organisation, set up by the kiwifruit industry in December, is responsible for minimising the effects of the vine killing disease and enabling affected growers to re-establish their orchards.

Of the 170 orchards with PSA, 57 have been confirmed as having the virulent V strain and 28 as having the Asian strain.

Some growers are annoyed that despite being told over the phone they have infected vines, they have yet to see a written lab report.

KVH general manager John Burke says there has been a breakdown in the process between the labs and the parties informing the growers.

He says some growers have not received a report, and that is being rectified.

Mr Burke says Kiwifruit Vine Health plans to hold a forum in the next month, so growers can raise any concerns they have about the way KVH is operating and contribute to a strategy for the future.