19 Oct 2010

Meat company offers 'storm relief deal'

1:52 pm on 19 October 2010

Southland meat company Blue Sky Meats is offering southern farmers what it calls a storm relief deal.

It's based on the premise that farmers with ample feed but fewer stock may be able to grow some of their lambs to a heavier than normal weight.

Blue Sky already runs an annual heavyweight contract, paying $120 for lambs between 20kg and 25kg.

This season, however, it's also offering a special super-heavy contract for lambs weighing between 25kg and 30kg and the possibility of getting $150 a lamb.

General manager Ricky Larsen says there are some commercial risks for the company, but it also gives farmers the chance to earn more for some of the lambs that have survived.

Mr Larsen says Blue Sky Meats estimates super heavy-weight lambs could make up about 5% percent of its kill this season.

The lambs will have to be delivered by May.