17 Oct 2010

US not only source of 1080 - board

6:13 am on 17 October 2010

The New Zealand Animal Health Board says it will be able to obtain 1080 elsewhere, even if a factory in the United States that makes the poison, is shut.

Lobbyists there are trying to pass a bill to ban 1080.

The Predator Defense conservation group says it is confident about getting the bill through Congress.

But the Animal Health Board says the bill failed on previous attempts and she does not think it will pass this time.

Research co-ordinator Penny Fairbrother says that even if the bill does pass, an identical compound could be sourced from China.

Ms Fairbrother told Insight the board has also considered using naturally occuring sodium fluoroacetate, although this would be more expensive.

More on this can be heard on Insight on Sunday.