18 Sep 2010

It looks like an apple but tastes like a pear...

4:01 pm on 18 September 2010

A new pear that looks like an apple but tastes like a nashi pear has been released, and it's expected to boost pipfruit exports from New Zealand.

The pear, known for the time being as PremP109, is the latest cultivar to come out of the Plant and Food research pipfruit breeding programme.

A cross between a Chinese and a Japanese pear, it has a bright-red blush and a spherical appearance.

The new pipfruit cultivar is being commercialised by the joint venture company Prevar as a long-storing export variety.

Prevar's chief executive, Dr Brett Ennis, says it builds on two earlier pear cultivars released in 2005, Maxie and Crispie, which didn't have the necessary storage and shelf life for export.

He says the new pear should overcome those issues.

Global marketing rights have been licensed to the Associated International Group of Nurseries, a network of companies in the world's major fruit-growing areas.

The group has the job of naming the new fruit.