14 Sep 2010

New bores first, paperwork later - regional council

6:09 am on 14 September 2010

Canterbury Regional Council is advising farmers and others in the rural community who lost their domestic or stock water supply because of the earthquake, to install new bores and catch up on the consents and paper work later.

The council says it's aware the magnitude 7.1 earthquake on 4 September and subsequent aftershocks put some bores out of action.

Planning and Consents director Don Rule says the council is trying to make it as easy as possible for people in that situation to get a water supply for themselves and their stock re-established as quickly as possible.

He says the regional council will put guidelines for emergency bore replacement on its website in the next few days.

And he says anyone with an authorised septic tank that needs to be replaced, can also go ahead and get the work done and notify it later.